Kristen Bell's Reaction to Her Daughter's ER Visit Has Me Sympathy-Wincing on Her Behalf

In carrying on her tradition of keeping it real, Kristen Bell took to Instagram Thursday evening to share the news that she'd experienced her daughter's "first emergency room visit."

The celebrity mom made an unexpected visit to Children's Hospital Los Angeles after one of her daughters slammed her finger in a door.

Kristen posted a photo of her holding her daughter — whose face was obscured by a bandaged emoji. They both were frowning for the camera with the girl's bloodied finger visible. And although it's unsettling for most parents to see a child in pain, Kristen's description of the injury was far more graphic and actually caused me — a mom with two ER visits under her belt — to wince in sympathy pain.

She commented that her daughter suffered just a hairline fracture despite "a finger smushed so hard it popped like a jelly donut."

Kristen also noted that she wasn't attaching a close-up photo of the finger because "there was literally burger popping out all over and it was pretty gross."

On a lighter note, Kristen did marvel at the healthcare provided by the hospital, which included visits from a "child life specialist trained to make sure your child knows what [is] happening."

She added: "Did you know that when you enter the emergency room at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, you immediately get a child life specialist? . . . to make sure you understand all of what's happening and your choices? It made us feel so safe."

Like any parent would, Kristen was quick to thank "all who helped my baby," and we wish her little one a quick recovery!