Here's How Kristen Bell Got Through to Her Daughters During Their "Nasty" Fighting

Kristen Bell says her daughters fight with each other "A LOT." Growing up as the oldest of three girls, I understand that energy more than I'd like to admit. The Good Place actress talked about the tension between Lincoln, 8, and Delta, 6, recently on Instagram and revealed an especially heartwarming moment where the siblings prioritized love instead of fighting. We could all learn a little something here.

"They cant seem to feel like they are on the same team. Always competing. Always defensive," Kristen shared on Instagram. "Maybe it's because they are close in age, and the hierarchy of care isn't clear. Maybe it's because they are both little alphas. Who knows. But they can get nasty to each other."

Kristen said she sat her daughters down to explain "that we have a choice in life." She told them, "We can spend our time on hate and fear(revenge, grudges, gossip, etc) or we can spend our time on love and kindness(nurturing, smiling, showing thankfulness)." A few hours later, she spotted Lincoln and Delta taking her words to heart. "I found them at the table writing each other letters with effusive love language. 'Look mama, how we are choosing to spend our time!'"

Even if this peace is short-lived, Kristen will enjoy the tranquility. "I know this won't last, and they will scream swears at each other again tomorrow, but for today, I'm content." We take the wins where we can get them!