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Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard's Honest Parenting Parody Video

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Parodied Their Own "Brutally Honest" Parenting Style in Hilarious Video

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are known for their brutally honest style of parenting. They speak to their kids candidly about such traditionally taboo topics as death and sex and even revealed that Santa Claus isn't (gasp) real. But if you want to see how they do it firsthand, a new "home video" is like a masterclass in awkward conversations with your children.

"There are a lot of theories on how to parent," Kristen says in the video. "You've got to find what works for you, and what works for us is honesty."

Sure, the home video is actually an ad for a plant-based burger called Lightlife, and as for Kristen and Dax's children? Yeah, those are paid actors filling in for their rarely seen real daughters Lincoln, 6, and Delta, 4.

But, anyone who follows the couple will find the commercial equal parts hilarious and probably true.

At one point, their faux daughter asks what Kristen and Dax were doing in the bedroom.

Kristen's response? "Sometimes when Mommy and Daddy consensually agree to a romantic encounter, the Mommy takes the Daddy's pen–"

In another scene, a fake son knocks on the bathroom door and asks Dax if he's OK. "Oh I'm totally fine, bud," he replies. "I just hide in here sometimes to get away from you guys."

Over the course of the two-minute video, the two take on menstrual cycles, hair extensions, Brussels sprouts tasting like sh*t, and what we can only assume is recreational marijuana use.

It's one of the most delightfully brutal parodies of the couple that their fans have ever seen. Honestly!

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