Kristen Bell Shared a Photo of What Her Kids Made Themselves For Breakfast, and Yep, Relatable!

Now that Kristen Bell's daughters, Lincoln and Delta, are 7 and 5 years old, respectively, she's doing all she can to teach them how to be self-sufficient. However, based on a recent Instagram she shared of her girls' attempt at making breakfast for themselves, the mom of two might have a bit more educating to do.

"Still trying to train them to make [their] own breakfast," wrote Kristen. "Haven't nailed it YET...but I see the positives in this picture. They were definitely trying to get different colored foods in [their] meal, and obviously wanted to make s'mores, but know they are not allowed to touch the stove so at least they are following one rule (Also the blue plate is a DOG BOWL LID. My kids are philistines.)"

Hey, at least they didn't try to mess with the stove, right?! We honestly can't blame her kiddos for wanting s'mores for breakfast.