Kylie Jenner's Recent Instagram Proves No Parent Is Safe From "Baby Shark"

Having a baby basically guarantees that you're going to have a catchy kid song or two stuck in your head at some point down the line. And apparently, celebrity moms aren't safe from these tunes either. Kylie Jenner recently shared a photo of herself on Instagram in a tight neon orange dress. Seems pretty normal for her, right? It is, until you get a look at the caption: "Maaamaa shark dooo doo doo dooo."

Any mom or dad who's heard the song at least once can probably instantly place it. It's the catchy-as-hell "Baby Shark" YouTube song your kids listen to on repeat. And obviously, other people who have been in the same scenario brought up the caption in the comments section.

"Even Kylie is into 'baby shark' hahaha," wrote one of her followers. Another person chimed in saying, "Sings. Most. Parents. Even when our kids aren't singing it." And one poor parent admitted she's "heard that song for two years straight now."

Even her sister Khloé Kardashian joined in the banter, adding: "Omg yes!!!! Baaaaaby shark!!!!! Dooo dooooo. Wow we really are moms aren't we?!?!" So we're guessing Stormi and True share some of the same interests, huh?

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Don't understand exactly how catchy this little number is? Check it out for yourself.