Moms Show the Truth Behind Perfect Instagram Feeds With Epic Lady Gaga Parody

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We love a good mom-created parody video, and whether it's because Lady Gaga is having a moment right now or because these parents have been in a baby-raising fog that they only just now discovered the decade-old song "Poker Face," we don't care: this new music video set to the tune of the singer's hit track is speaking to us on every level.

In the video, titled "Book of Face," Masha Sapron sings updated lyrics that reveal the truth — that, as she puts it, "no one's life is as perfect as it looks in your Facebook feed." In a long blond wig and high-exposure lighting, she goes behind the scenes of most parents' idyllic selfies.

"See us on vacation always having so much fun," she sings as a family posts beautifully posed photos at an exotic destination. "It rained all week. The kids got sick. I hated everyone."

No one was safe from Masha's song — not the #fitmoms "doing yoga with my baby" nor the ones who cooked a heavily Photoshopped pot roast for a random weeknight dinner. And even if you are one of those feeding into the "Instasham," you're still sure to relate — and maybe even tone down those filters.