This TikTok Creator Has 74 Videos Quizzing Preschoolers, and Every Single One Is Gold

All I would like in this life is to attain the same level of confidence as preschool student JaBria.

TikTok creator La'Ron Hines has collected quite the following by regularly quizzing the students at the preschool his parents operate. In the series, which began about a year ago, La'Ron will question the same small group about everything from spelling to pop culture and politics, and in return, he'll receive admirable attempts and truly surreal responses. There have been 74 installments so far, and La'Ron and the students recently recreated the series for the 2021 Golden Globes!

La'Ron's following on TikTok, which is already at six million, will only grow after the award show. He's also got big dreams for the series: in an interview with In the Know, La'Ron said he hopes to one day translate the series into a "real television show." If you're unfamiliar with the delightful "are you smarter than a preschooler?" videos, enjoy some of our favorites ahead.

Watch La'Ron's Funniest TikTok Videos Quizzing Preschool Students