Judge Scolds Lawyer For Bringing Baby to Court

We're all for order in the court, but what about a baby? After a judge denied her request for a hearing delay, Stacy Ehrisman-Mickle was forced to bring her 4-week-old baby to court. The Atlanta attorney had filed a request in early September, knowing that the hearing would coincide with her maternity leave. Judge J. Dan Pelletier Sr. denied her appeal five days before the scheduled hearing, noting that there was "no good cause" for the delay. With her husband away on business and no childcare options, Ehrisman-Mickle had no choice but to bring her baby to the hearing.

This did not sit well with Pelletier. The judge reprimanded her in front of the entire courtroom, deeming her behavior inappropriate and appalling. Pelletier eventually agreed to delay the hearing until Ehrisman-Mickle was cleared to return to work. Something, it seems, he should have done from the beginning.