The Heartbreaking Reason This Little Girl Had a Birthday, Prom, and Wedding All at Once

Five-year-old Lila May Schow just experienced her birthday, prom, and wedding day all in one. Not because she asked for the birthday of a lifetime, but because her parents wanted to give it to her. She might not live to see another.

Lila was diagnosed with Stage 4 neuroblastoma at age 2, so she has spent much of her life in hospitals undergoing chemotherapy. But she recently stopped treatment because her body isn't strong enough, and she only has a few months to live.

So Lila's parents, Heidi Hall and Ryan Schow, knew they wanted to give their daughter the happiest day of her life and decided to throw a massive birthday party. They never even expected it to be this big, though.

"At first we just wanted to do a nice princess party, but we're on limited time with Lila," Ryan told Yahoo Parenting. "We decided to give her that prom she'll never see and that wedding day. And when Lila's mom mentioned it in a post on Facebook, the response she got was insane."

The community in Hood River, OR, responded quickly and came together to make the party the best it could possibly be. Countless people and local businesses donated their time and money to make sure that everything from the food to the music and costumes was perfect. Lila got to hang out with her favorite Disney princesses, dance with her friends, and — the sweetest of all — "marry" her dad.

Read on to see the photos from the day that was undoubtedly one of the best of Lila's life.