Hogwarts Is in Session! There's a Limited-Edition Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit, and It's Magical

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Believe it or not, the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter is officially upon us. And while we're as shocked as you are about how quickly time flew, it's time to honor one of the most life-changing series of all time with a competitive game of Limited Edition Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit ($40).

Just to be clear, the latest version of the game isn't exactly for students who are new to the halls of Hogwarts. Players can answer up to 1,800 questions that span six different categories, including: Slytherin house; Death Eaters and the dark arts; objects and artifacts; animals, magical creatures and beings; witches, wizards, ghosts and muggles; Hogwarts and transportation; and spells, potions, and other magic. That's certainly a lot of ground to cover!

Parents, keep in mind this game is designed for kiddos 8 and up. Scroll through to feast your eyes on a sample card, house mascot movers, and the packaging, of course!