Watch This Boy Completely Ignore His Mom While Meeting His New Sibling For the First Time

One young boy is absolutely melting the hearts of internet users everywhere with his pure reaction to meeting his baby sibling for the first time. Donning a shirt that reads "Big Bro," the boy entered his mother's hospital room and headed straight for his new brother. He gently holds the newborn's head, looking at the small child in amazement.

After being lifted up onto his mother's lap, the young boy continues to hug and touch the newborn while completely disregarding his mom's presence. Despite her saying "I miss you," the young boy continues to give her the cold shoulder, choosing to keep his eyes and hugs fixed on the baby. Although the baby briefly cries, that doesn't hold back the new big brother from continuing to shower him with love and affection. Any second- or third-time new moms can definitely relate to touching moments like these!

Watch the video above to see the entire sweet interaction unfold before your eyes. This is the most genuine example of love at first sight.