3-Year-Old Comes Up With the Perfect Excuse For Painting Her Barbie With Nail Polish

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When I was little and knew I was in deep doo-doo for doing something wrong, I always pulled out my best defenses and am not ashamed to admit that, as an only child, that usually meant I blamed things on my stuffed animal, Boogie (he did everything wrong and always took me down with him). So it really shouldn't come as a surprise that I totally stand with the little girl in this video who is shamelessly throwing her Barbie under the bus.

When her dad confronts her about her latest crime against the house rules — painting her Barbie dolls with nail polish — this crying 3-year-old girl tries her best to talk herself out of it. Her excuse? Barbie told her to do it 100 times.

Watch this sweet little lady try to convince her dad that nothing she did is actually her fault, that her dolls talk to her all the time and tell her to do things that will get her in trouble, and that even though she knew what was right all along, Barbie's word is law. Obviously.