Mom Is Warning Parents About Hatchimals Bath Bombs After Her Child Got Burned

Update: Since the news of Jennifer Woodruff's daughter getting "burned" by a Hatchimals bath bomb has gone viral, Spin Master has reached out to POPSUGAR with a statement regarding the situation:

Spin Master has been looking into the matter with the manufacturer and licensee to whom we license the Hatchimals brand. Safety is our top priority and we are deeply saddened to learn of the girl's injuries. At this point, Global Brands Group has not found any indication of a product defect or manufacturing issue. Additionally, the product formulation has been subject to stringent safety testing and meets all industry standards.

Global Brands Group added: "After careful review, we are confident our Hatchimals bath products are, in fact, safe. However, it is recommended that consumers be mindful of any adverse reactions they may have based on personal allergies or sensitivities."

Original Story: Jennifer Woodruff's 5-year-old daughter, Willow, loves bath bombs (who doesn't?), but after an unfortunate experience with a Hatchimals bath bomb, the mom has a warning for other parents. About 30 seconds after the bath bomb was placed into the water with Willow, she complained that her skin was hurting, and when she looked at her daughter, Jennifer noticed that Willow's hands appeared red and swollen. Jennifer says that upon visiting the doctor, they confirmed that Willow received chemical burns, rather than a reaction to the product.

"PSA! Do NOT buy this for your children!" Jennifer wrote in a post to Facebook, where she shared a photo of Willow's red hands post-bath. "Followed directions on package and placed in her bathtub. Thought it would be fun for her because there was a toy inside. After being in the water 30-45 seconds she stated her skin was hurting, upon looking she has received a chemical burn from a KIDS' BATH BOMB. (No she was not holding it and she has used multiple different kinds of bath bombs and never had this reaction.) Just a warning people."

Since her original post, Jennifer has updated her followers to add that she called the company with the batch number on the back of the particular bath bomb Willow used to let them know what happened. Additionally, a few moms have reached out to Jennifer to say that a similar thing happened to their child.

Although other parents have stated the opposite and noted that their child has used one of these Hatchimals bath bombs with no issue, Jennifer wants parents to know what happened to Willow, just in case. There hasn't been a recall issued on the product as of yet.