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Loretta 2020 Google Super Bowl Ad About Man Remembering Wife

Widower Googles "How to Not Forget" and Enlists Help of Technology to Remember Late Wife

Google has released its 2020 Super Bowl ad early to seemingly mess with our emotions before the big game. In the ad, titled "Loretta," we follow the technology use of an older man and widower who is trying not to forget the little things about his late wife. Beginning with a Google search of "How to not forget," the man gets the tip to repeat details over and over. He then enlists the help of Google Assistant, asking it to remember things Loretta did and liked — and things she didn't like, including his mustache phase. He asks Google to play their favorite movie, Casablanca, and to go through photos from their various anniversaries.

Eventually, we see a longer list of the things that he's asked his Google Assistant to remember about Loretta over time, and one of the first things he told it, presumably not long after Loretta's death, was to remember something she always said to him before she died: "Don't miss me too much, and get out of the dang house."

Yup, we're definitely a mess! Watch the entire heartstring-tugging video above.

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