New Instagram Account Celebrates the Beauty of Women's Stretch Marks

Women's bodies endure many changes over the years, the least appealing being stretch marks. Though these lines should be worn as a proud badge of honor, they are often hidden under baggy t-shirts and covered up with creams. But two women are trying to take the stigma out of stretch marks through the power of photography and social media. LoveYourLines, an Instagram account created by two East Coast moms, encourages women to share photos of their stretch marks and the story behind them. Meant for moms and nonmoms, the account has caught the attention of women across the country since it launched on Aug. 13. In three days, LoveYourLines has gained 9,400 followers and received more than 70 submissions. Scroll through to see some of the beautiful images that have been featured so far. Source: Instagram user loveyourlines

To see what the founders of LoveYourLines have to say about its overnight success, read the full story on Huffington Post. Source: Instagram user loveyourlines