Magnetic Baby Clothes Exist, So Prepare to Have Your Entire Life Changed

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As a toddler mom with another baby on the way, I'm in the depths of baby product research, scouring the internet for the latest and greatest pregnancy and baby products that make life easier. While searching for convenient newborn staples, like sleeping sacks, I discovered there was a whole genre of baby clothes I didn't even know existed but immediately wanted: magnetic baby clothes!

After visiting Magnetic Me's website and watching a baby being slipped in and out of a footsie in seconds without a single button being snapped or a zipper being carefully pulled up or down, I realized the pure genius of the invention. I immediately envisioned myself in the familiar zombie state that is newborn survival mode, haggardly changing a crying, soiled baby at 3 a.m. only a couple of hours after last waking up to feed, and having one thought: thank God for these PJs.

Magnetic Me sent me some samples to test out, and now that I've felt the softness of the clothes, the light weight of the magnets, and how well they open and close, I can't wait to try them in action! Genuine enthusiasm aside, it is worth noting that Magnetic Me's clothes are a bit pricier than your average footed pajamas, which they sell for $30 to $35. But considering their convenience factor, investing in a handful of staples you know you'll want to dress your baby in a lot seems worthwhile. They're also the perfect addition for a baby shower registry and are even carried by retailers like Amazon and Nordstrom.

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