Clothing Campaign Featuring Actual Moms Is the Reality Our Pudgy Bellies Have Been Waiting For

One of my biggest pet peeves throughout my pregnancy and well into my postpartum months is that whenever I'd shop for something online, it was clear that the model staring back at me in that maternity dress or nursing tank was not actually pregnant and most definitely not nursing. OK, sure: these tall, rail-thin beauties very well could have been in the same stage of new motherhood as I was in, but their size-2 frames were certainly not the norm. And yet it was impossible for me to find a single retailer — even those that exclusively catered to moms — with models who had a pudgy belly, gapless thighs, or an extra roll or three.

That's why Storq's latest campaign and online shopping experience is so damn refreshing. The contemporary maternity brand's founders, Courtney Klein and Grace Kapin, told POPSUGAR they were tired of how the maternity market "felt like one big compromise" and wanted to put an end to women feeling "alienated" by the concept.

Thus, they conducted a massive reshoot of every last one of their products on real women they found on Instagram who are either pregnant, postpartum, or breastfeeding. Shot in natural light with zero postproduction retouching, this group of women also represents the line's newly expanded size range, which goes from 2 to 22, with sizes 24 and 26 coming by September.

Whether you are in the market for some new clothes or not, you're going to want to look at every one of the women — a pregnant woman with a visible linea nigra or a mama nursing her 4-week-old newborn — featured in the 2018 campaign images. It's as real as looking in a mirror.