This Stay-at-Home Mom Filmed Her Entire Day, and I Think She Does More Than I Do in a Month

When New Jersey-based stay-at-home mom of two Maya Vorderstrasse saw an Instagram comment that said "stay-at-home mothers don't do anything all day," she knew she had a job to do. And not just her regular job of taking care of two curious toddlers, but to document her wildly busy life, from sun up to sun down, because there's not a human on earth who could take a peek into her day and surmise that she's doing nothing. "I wanted to capture my day in the most realistic and honest way, so I put my phone on video mode from the moment I woke up to the end of the day. I have a ring attached to the back of it, so I just basically 'wore' my phone, or just stood it up on the floor, shelves, or a table to capture every aspect of my day," Maya told POPSUGAR.

From waking up at 5:45 a.m. to getting the girls ready, making meals, cleaning, taking out garbage, nurturing them when they're upset, and more, she filmed it all — and then some — in this Instagram video.

In less than 24 hours, the video has been viewed over 59K times with over 1,200 reactions from like-minded moms. "I am surprised at how much other stay-at-homes feel the exact same way. It's so encouraging to have other women share their stories, their routine, struggles and victories with me," Maya said. We are certainly inspired by her!

You can read the heartfelt caption to Maya's video ahead.

To the woman who told me stay-at-home mothers don't do anything all day. Today I'm going to educate the woman that had the courage to tell me that I don't do anything all day because I'm a stay-at-home mother and my husband is a poor man because he gets home very tired from real work and still has to help parent MY kids. So here you go, a glimpse into what a stay at home mom does throughout the day and trust me, it was an easy day. I take care of my kids, I cook, I clean, I pick up toys, I run errands, I play with them, I do laundry, I pick up more toys, I cook some more, I teach, I comfort them, I pick up more toys, I organize, I assist, I change diapers, I mother. If you are a stay at home mother and you don't feel seen, you are seen. You are appreciated. The work you do at home matters and so do you. My husband doesn't assist me, he PARENTS. Every family makes the best decisions for their own. Working moms who love their careers and chose to keep working, women who have no option but to work, stay at home moms, part-time job moms, dads who stay at home, strong single mothers, whatever it is that you have to do to make your family work: do it. Do not ever allow anyone judge you or shame you for doing what is right for you. Just fill that house up with LOVE and dedication, that is ALL that matters.