Recall Alert! McDonald's Recalls 2.3 Million Happy Meal Toys

If your kids have a hankering for Happy Meals, this news is for you. McDonald's is issuing a mass recall of more than 2 million toys throughout the United States and Canada, following incidents of choking in small children. The Hello Kitty Birthday Lollipop Whistle, which was distributed in Happy Meals throughout October and part of November, has detachable parts that have led to multiple choking accidents. Because 2.5 million whistle toys were handed out over the course of the month, the fast-food chain is offering replacement toys or healthy desserts to any families who return their toys.

Components of the whistle can become detached, which can become lodged in the throats of small children handling the toy. While only a few reports of this type of accident have been filed, one of the choking children did require medical attention. So if your child has been blowing on a Hello Kitty whistle lately, make sure to turn it in at your local McDonald's! Source: Consumer Product Safety Commission; Front Page