Tia Mowry Screams in Disgust When Melissa Joan Hart Shares What Her Kid Ate Once

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It's really fun when you get an opportunity as a mom to sit with other moms and vent about what you're going through. Whether it's about sleepless nights, your child's newfound interest in pulling their hair, or gross things that happen on the changing table, these horrific happenings get new meaning when you see just how common they are. Which is exactly what happened when '90s stars and moms Melissa Joan Hart, Jodie Sweetin, and Tia Mowry-Hardrict got together to play a game of Never Have I Ever with Netflix.

In the clip, Melissa plays game show host as she lobs motherhood questions to Jodie and Tia, ranging from truths about their relationships with their breast pumps to whether or not they've ever put a dirty pacifier back into their baby's mouths after it fell (a reasonable question). We thought we were prepared for the answers that followed, but we. were. not. Melissa one-ups the gross stories with one about her son eating gum from underneath a table, but then she one-ups herself again with another tale.

Brace yourselves: once her son ate the dog's poop. Are you horrified? Because so are Jodie and Tia.