This Mickey and Minnie Newborn Photo Shoot Will Give You Major Heart Eyes

Whether you're a complete sucker for all things Disney or not, one thing's for sure: these sweet newborn tots dressed up as Mickey and Minnie will totally steal your heart. Karen Marie, a photographer at Belly Beautiful Portraits, staged a gorgeous photo shoot for these two sleepy bundles of joy, and seriously, we can't get enough.

Although at first pass you might think these babies are actually twins — or cousins at the very least — Karen explained that they're actually complete strangers. "Both sets of parents wanted to be part of one of my Disney shoots and it just so happened that both were born around the same time," she told Babble. "When I saw those lush lashes on the baby girl, I instantly thought, 'This is Minnie!' Same for the little handsome guy . . . he was perfect for Mickey!"

Awe, how sweet! Read on to soak up all the Disney-inspired goodness.