Tokyo Disney Can't Keep This Mickey-Shaped Hand Soap in Stock Because, Well, Look at It!

If Tokyo isn't already on your travel bucket list, that's about to change in two seconds flat — all because of an absurdly adorable plastic container of soap. Yes, really . . . just hear us out. Tokyo Disney Resort recently started selling a delightful hand soap dispenser that spits out foamy bubbles shaped like Mickey Mouse's head, and Disney fans everywhere are freaking out over how cute they are.

The refillable Mickey-shaped hand soap, which was made to honor the 35th anniversary of the Japanese theme park, is a Disney dream come true for kids (and, ya know, for adults who just so happen to be obsessed with foamy soap, too). It's been quite the hit among visitors since it hit shelves — so much of a hit, in fact, that Tokyo Disney Resort can't seem to keep it in stock. The product page on Tokyo Disney's official website shows that the Mickey Mouse soap is currently sold out and will likely not restock in July despite the apparent high demand. Darn!

Our fingers are crossed that when the foamy soap does restock, some thoughtful theme park visitors will list a few of 'em on Amazon or eBay for stateside Disney fans. Until then, you can catch us lurking on all the picture-perfect Instagram snaps of this too-cute-for-words hand soap.

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