These Maternity Jumpsuits and Dresses Are So Cute, I'd Wear 'Em (and I'm Not Pregnant)

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I haven't had to shop for maternity clothing yet (and knock on wood it won't be for a long time), but my general perception is that what's out there isn't great. It feels like "maternity" is a label slapped onto separate lines of clothing that are often unflattering, unnecessarily baggy, or just "meh." I don't see why cute, modern clothes that stylish women would normally wear can't translate into the next phase of their life, and that's why I got excited about Mien Studios.

The LA-based brand makes minimal, thoughtfully designed pieces like soft jumpsuits and flowy dresses — things I'd personally wear right now — with pregnant women and postpartum and breastfeeding moms in mind. From the looks of it, the stretchy materials and wrap-waist features mean you can make the pieces work for many months. They're unfussy closet staples you can easily throw on when fashion is the last thing on your mind, but when comfort and style are still welcome.

The company caught my eye on Instagram, thanks to its understated yet eye-catching vibe, inviting photos, and lots of "real" women wearing the pieces. What's more, the brand's sole designer cares deeply about sustainable practices, which is a growing trend for all the right reasons — to invest in quality over quantity. Every item is made in small batches in Los Angeles, the cotton is organic, and the fabrics and dyes are sourced locally (bonus: no toxic color chemicals).

Mien (which means "mine" in French) also makes kids' clothing, and the toddler-size jumpers are too much for my baby-loving heart to handle. Here, we've pulled some of the best items for moms, because who says some of the most heartwarming phases of a woman's life can't also make her feel good on the outside?