Controversy Sparks Over Veteran Holding Baby in American Flag

Photographer Vanessa Hicks never imagined the backlash she would face from her photo shoot with a military family's newborn. A military veteran wore his uniform and wrapped his newborn baby in an American flag in the photo, and after sharing the photo on her Facebook page, Hicks began receiving negative comments from people who thought the photo was disrespectful and dishonored the American flag.

One commenter said, "The flag is not a prop. To use the American flag in such a way is disrespectful, rude, tacky, disgusting, and against the US Flag Code."

Hicks, who is a Navy veteran herself and the wife of an active-duty Navy member, told ABC News her intention was to honor the flag and her clients, who wanted to incorporate their military service into their photo shoot.

The photographer said she spent hours deleting hateful comments about the photo, which is now being met with support from both veterans and civilians. Now, Hicks is receiving tons of requests for photo shoots, and she says she will donate 15 percent of the profits to the USO.

Watch Hicks talk more about the photo shoot and the backlash here:

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