The Latest Trend For Pregnant and New Moms Is Seriously Stunning

Instead of posing for portraits in front of a controlled backdrop or outdoor location, these moms-to-be are changing up their maternity and newborn photo sessions in favor of a milk bath. While no two photo shoots are exactly the same, many of these dreamy sessions involve filling a tub with water and then adding milk until the desired transparency is achieved. Photos can be personalized by opting for different types and amounts of flowers that surround the mama or little one as they float in the white water.

Photographer Ashley McGinty uses a jetted tub and adds enough water to cover the jets as well as 3/4 a gallon of milk. If you don't have access to a nice tub, she also suggests using a plastic kiddie pool as an alternative if you drape it with a tarp before you fill it. "I think milk bath photography is becoming popular because of the simplicity of it," Ashley explained to POPSUGAR. "The focus isn't on the location or the outfit."

Instead, photographers focus on the beautiful mom-to-be embracing the end of her pregnancy in an intimate environment as she gets ready to meet her tiny human. "So many moms opt for a water birth for the same reasons — it's a comfortable and natural environment for mom and baby," Ashley says. "The beauty with milk bath sessions is you can keep them simple but they're also extremely versatile depending on the look you desire. You can add anything as decor, even color the water and endless options of attire." To complete the natural look, bright blooms pop against the solid-white liquid and fresh greenery adds an organic feel.

Valerie Shannon of Valerie Shannon Photography also notes that this is a great option for babies because you can get those adorable newborn shots without worrying about the child being too exposed. "In my experience, either a baby loves it or hates it and it's funny to see each baby's reaction to the milk and flowers!" Valerie told us. "I spray my flowers and leaves with Scotchgard to help them stay afloat and use vitamin D because it's really thick."

Whether Mom is wrapped in tulle that dissolves into the milk as her bump peeks out or a newborn is surrounded by sweet succulents and eucalyptus leaves, these photos consistently turn out stunning.