You’ll Probably Relate to Mindy Kaling’s Verdict on Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up on Netflix

I walked through Target yesterday and stopped for a second in the Home Organization aisle just to gape at the sheer number of people piling storage bins and boxes into their carts. I nudged my boyfriend and said, "They all just binge-watched Tidying Up on Netflix, no question." Sure, in January of every year more people tend to get serious about overhauling their entire lives and organizing everything they own, but with the release of Marie Kondo's show on Netflix so early in the year, it's clear that the eight-episode series has had a hand in people's organizational mentalities this year.

Thanks to her partnership with Protein One, snack bars that are perfect for "snack emergencies," I was able to chat with Mindy Kaling, who just celebrated her daughter Katherine's first birthday in December and recently talked about all the books the pair loves reading together (which no doubt come off a disorganized bookshelf, because toddlers). The actress has already checked Tidying Up off her to-watch list, but her reaction to the show is a little different than most.

"I've watched the show," Mindy told POPSUGAR. "I just don't feel like there's enough time in the day! I love it, but I almost want to hire someone to go through my house so I can be like, 'Does this bring you joy? You throw it out.' I think that's kind of the power of the show though, because unlike all these other reality shows, she actually makes the people do it themselves rather than bringing in a team of people like on Extreme Home Makeover or Queer Eye, where they just change it all for them. I know that's probably why it's effective, but also . . . I am too lazy."

Same, to be honest.

Although she may not be heading to Target to stock up on storage bins as of yet, when it comes to Marie Kondo as a person, Mindy is definitely a fan. "I'm completely enamored with her," Mindy said. "She's so adorable — she's like a Christmas ornament [editor's note: actual LOL], and I think she's brilliant."