Mom's Dramatic Reaction to Finding Out She's Having a Girl Is Going Viral

We've seen some excited parents-to-be reacting to their baby's gender reveal before — but this video is in a category all its own. This boy mom's hilarious and amazing reaction to finding out that her third child is a girl is so perfectly dramatic that we can't stop watching.

In the video — which plays on a loop (thanks, Instagram) — Egreis Gjergjani is seen standing in front of a gender reveal cake while holding her son. She's handed a slice of cake with pink filling and before she can even bring herself to look, the people in the room are cheering — then faster than you can blink she's dropped her son, started shrieking, and fallen to the floor.

"And I'll end up as a meme somewhere," she captioned the hysterical video. "Fml! We're having a GIRL!!!!!"