Sweet Photos of a Mom in Labor Breastfeeding Her Toddler Prove Women's Bodies Can Do It All

Maegan Dougherty Photography
Maegan Dougherty Photography

There's no denying how badass moms can be, but these breastfeeding photos featuring a mother nursing her toddler while in labor with her second child sure do serve as a friendly reminder. After being apart from her 2-year-old for a few hours, Kate Neal didn't hesitate when her daughter asked to nurse as soon as they were back together, sitting on Kate's hospital bed between contractions.

Kate's birth photographer, Maegan Dougherty, was able to capture the beautiful moment on camera while waiting for baby number two to make her appearance. "She was so excited to see her 2-year-old daughter when she came for a visit," Dougherty told POPSUGAR Moms. "And so excited to meet her new baby girl. Her joy was lovely and inspiring."

Kate's second child was born two hours after the photos of her and her toddler were taken. "This mom showed so much strength," Dougherty said. "Labor is hard. Really hard. The deep connections that this mom had with her husband, their mothers, and her sisters were beautiful. They knew how to support her and they did so with so much love."

Look through to see the photos of Kate and her daughter sharing their incredible bond over breastfeeding, as well as the newest addition of the family instinctively following suit.