A Mom Created a COVID-19 Time Capsule, So Her Kids Could Work Through Their Feelings

Natalie Long, a mom of two from Alberta, Canada, has taken note of how emotionally draining living through this pandemic can be. In an effort to help her children, 8-year-old Olivia and 3-year-old John, work through their feelings, she created a free, downloadable time capsule workbook specifically revolving around this uncertain time.

"It has been used as a tool to help get children talking to their parents in this time, especially the 'How I'm Feeling' page," Natalie told Good Morning America. "I never wanted to make money for this resource. We are all struggling in this uncertain time and I wanted to share something positive."

The workbook, which is titled, "My 2020 COVID-19 Time Capsule," includes an about me section, a page to draw a family photo, as well as a place for little ones to jot down what they're doing at home to stay busy. Natalie also made versions for adults, pregnant women, and a bonus page for families with newborns.

Interested in printing out a capsule for your kids to complete? Head to Natalie's website to access the free download.