Why This Timehop Photo Made 1 Woman Write a Message to All New Moms Out There

Bringing a newborn home from the hospital for the first time comes with an enormous amount of responsibility, questions, and often self-doubt. Lauren Eberspacher, a mom from Nebraska, recently saw a photo on her Timehop from five years ago that made all of those feelings come rushing back.

It was a Facebook post that showed her at home for the first time with her first child. "I was physically exhausted. Mentally drained. Emotionally done. Hormonally raging. And I was so scared."

At the time, she let the whirlwind of emotions get the best of her. "I remember sitting on that couch and once the tears started falling, they didn't stop. As a first time parent, I could hear the lies making their way towards the front of my mind," she wrote. "Your baby can't breastfeed. You are a failure. Your baby is losing weight. Your body is failing you. Your baby won't stop crying. You must be doing something wrong. You. Are. Not. Enough."

Fast forward three babies later, and Eberspacher is singing a completely different tune and has a message for her younger self:

I wish that I could go back five years and tell that new mama on the couch how much she was worth; how much she was created to be this baby's mom. I wish I could go back and tell her that she was more than enough because God had chosen her for something GREAT . . . something so much greater than [myself]. . . I've seen most of it: exclusive pumping, supplementing, exclusive breastfeeding, vaginal births, C-section, chubby babies, skinny babies, babies with colic, and a baby who doesn't make a peep . . . each one has been so different.

She also hopes her words reach new moms who are going through the same exact thing she went through years ago. "So wherever you are tonight mama, you are enough for your babies. You were made for them, and they were made for you — you are made for something great!"