A Mom and Dad Both Changed a Diaper in Public — Guess Who Got Shamed and Who Got Praised

When Constance Hall's daughter went number two in the middle of breakfast at a park restaurant — because of course — she looked for a changing table to no avail, and changed her daughter on the grass a ways away from the restaurant. Thirty minutes later she was approached by a woman who said, "I saw you changing your daughters nappy, could you please use the change table next time." Hall was made to feel guilty, but she shook it off and breakfast went on.

The next weekend at the park, Hall's son needed a diaper change, so her husband, Bill, changed him right there on the grass. A group of women walked by, one saying, "Aww, good dad! That's what we like to see, get in there." Bill felt "like a legend" for doing the exact same thing Hall was shamed for just a week before.

"I am used to being scrutinized for jobs that my husband is praised for," Hall wrote. "I am used to picking the kids up from school to judgmental looks about being late, while Bill is used to a red f*cking carpet and a 12-piece band praising him for his heroic appearance at school pick up. That's the way we as a society are, we place so much pressure on women to be perfect and selfless while putting low parenting expectations on men."

Her post continues, urging people not to stop the praise, but to offer it to both moms and dads. "Kindness puts a red carpet under every sh*tty arse and a 12-piece band at every late school drop off. You just can't see it."