Mom's "First Day of Freedom" Photo Blows Your Kid's School Picture Out of the Water

Meghan Oeser is a stay-at-home mom with six kids whom she loves very much. But she's had enough. They're going back to school, and the hilarious mom couldn't be happier, so instead of photographing her kids on the first day of school, she decided to take a picture of herself to mark "Mom's First Day of Freedom" (featuring one of those adorable signs full of stats about herself).

"I love the sh*t out of my kids," she wrote in a blog post featuring the photo. "I'm not saying I don't love staying home, but EFF ME!!! Sometimes I feel I'd give a left nip to be able to head to an office . . . interact with adult human beings who typically enjoy other 'adult' conversations. I'm TIRED of f*cking singing 'Let it Go.' I'm tired of looking at their poop because it slightly resembles Sheepy from Doc McStuffins, and wiping sh*tty buttholes. I'm over sippy cups. They all f*cking leak. The 800 outfit changes . . . UGHHHHHH!!!"

Well, the long days of sippy cups and looking at poop have now been resigned to the nighttime hours, and Meghan is embracing her daytime freedom. In fact, she's loving it so much that when we asked her if it was OK to share her photo, she actually delayed getting back to us because she was taking a nap! She told POPSUGAR Moms: "I suppose with my newfound freedom I should look into that whole cooking and cleaning thing that I see other women talk about. As for right now though? Naps will do."

Sounds like freedom is suiting her just fine.