A Mom Made a Hilarious Reference to the Movie Bridesmaids After Getting an Epidural

Giving birth is freakin' hard! And that means we're eternally grateful for even the smallest amount of pain relief. Recently, a mom named Rachael expressed her elation over labor pain management shortly after getting an epidural in a hilarious video that's making its rounds on TikTok.

Rather than letting out a sigh of relief or a simple "Thank god!," Rachael decided to quote Kristen Wiig's classic line from Bridesmaids. "I'm excited and I feel relaxed," she lip-synced before screaming, "And I'm ready to parrrrrty!"

Naturally, her re-creation of the notable scene resonated with her followers, as the clip has already racked up more than 390,900 views at press time. If you're a mom who elected to have an epidural, you certainly know the feeling!