We Can't Help but LOL at the List of "Rules" 1 Mom Left Her Babysitter

Leaving your kiddos with a babysitter for the evening can be a little nerve-wracking, especially if it's that person's first time on the job. Some parents choose to cope with the stress by whipping up a detailed list of strict to-dos for the sitter (i.e., no ice cream after dinner, only one hour of screen time is allowed, and they have to be in bed by 8 p.m.). But one mom decided to take a less serious route with the guidelines she left her sitter, and it's downright hilarious.

My girl went to go babysit and this is what the parents left her 😂😂 pic.twitter.com/BtL9BHdCMz

— LEEK (@malikbrazile) April 20, 2017

When a girl arrived at her babysitting gig one day, she discovered quite the interesting note from the children's mom. A list of "Rules and Tips," the handwritten list included 10 very detailed (and obviously comedic) pointers for watching over the children. Right off the bat, it's evident that her rules are one big joke, as the mom wrote, "I encourage the kids to watch as much TV as possible, so they will leave me the hell alone. Feel free to do the same." She also instructed the babysitter to breastfeed the kids after watching YouTube videos to learn how to do so. This mom obviously knows a thing or two about the art of well-executed sarcasm, and we're so into it.

A few other "tips" in the note were a tad less clear. Pointer No. 4 instructed the babysitter to avoid taking kittens, candy, or puppies from a mysterious van-driving man named David. Who is this creepy dude she's talking about and does he bring candy to their doorstep frequently? This sounds like a whole other can of worms that we really don't want to delve into.

The funny mom also ordered the girl to let her kids consume "as much sugar as they want," and ended the peculiar yet LOL-worthy list on a note that all moms can relate to: "Do not believe ANYTHING the kids tell you," she wrote. It sounds like this mom was just excited to get out of the house for a bit, and we can definitely relate.

Upon reading the note, the babysitting gal sent photos of it to her boyfriend, Malik Brazile. When he shared her snapshots on Twitter, they went totally viral, garnering more than 32,000 "likes" and 16,000 retweets. Plus, nearly 100 people replied to his tweet to weigh in on the absurdity of it all.

One user commented on how this mama definitely has some babysitting experience on her résumé.

@malikbrazile This perspective comes from a mom who's been a babysitter. She knows what time it is. pic.twitter.com/yF1AlDRP0d

— Synthia with an S (@SynthiaGreen) April 22, 2017

Another couldn't seem to wrap his head around the breastfeeding notion, even if it was a joke.

@malikbrazile Breastfeed wait huh what? pic.twitter.com/8RBNmegjVT

— . (@Freak_Cheerios) April 22, 2017

And others mentioned how they're planning to copy this semisavage tactic when they have kids in the future — because same.

@malikbrazile Thanks for sharing. It's definitely a joke and one I'll try when my child is old enough lol 😂

— Synthia with an S (@SynthiaGreen) April 22, 2017