A Mom Came Up With a System For Staying on Top of Her Kids' Assignments — All You Need Are a Pen and Paper

Lauren Cormier, a mom of three and writer at Oh, Honestly — Real Life For Real Moms, has been trying to keep on top of her family's homeschooling schedule. Because getting your kids to keep up with their remote assignments can be difficult, Lauren shared a system she's been using to stay organized — and it's supersimple, yet effective.

"What's saving your sanity with remote learning?" she asked. "Here's mine: I've been writing a list for each kid of all the things they need to accomplish for the week. I divide it up by subject and include any due dates, but you could do it by day too."

The system has been beneficial for her children because it allows them to visualize their workloads. "As the kids complete something, they can cross or check it off," she explained. "It helps them have a visual of what they need to do all in one place, and it lets them work at their own pace. If they want to do extra one day, they'll have less or none to do another day."

Lauren says that it's helped ensure her little ones are on track each week — "For me, it lets me feel like I'm on top of what's going on and not letting them fall behind." However, she warns that no system is perfect. "Fun side note I'm adding an hour after originally posting this: I've spent the past hour trying to figure out where a bunch of my son's assignments are and discovered that I somehow missed a website the teacher made that everyone else knew about. So in case I look like I'm on top of things... I'm not."