This Photo Is Parenthood Unfiltered — in All of Its Sticky Glory

Behind the staged photo shoots and social media filters, there are real parents — most likely covered in poop at any given time.

While being a parent can seem glamorous, it can also be sticky, stinky, and slimy. But in those moments of blowout diapers and dried breast milk, priceless memories with your little ones are being made. One mom understands the importance of appreciating — and laughing — at these perfectly imperfect times and is making parents across the Internet smile with her relatable snapshot.

"Second blow out of the day, and let me tell you...this one wasn't nearly as bad as this morning's," Esther Anderson candidly shared on her blog's Facebook page, Story of This Life. "Let's just say Ellia might go back into her pull-ups for tonight." While some commenters are laughing over where Mom should begin to start cleaning up the mess and others are reminiscing over the "poonami" days, one thing is for sure: her little one certainly left her mark!