Mom's Rant About Parents Complaining Over School Supply Costs Is So Spot-On

Like most moms during back-to-school season, you can find Dena Blizzard ranting under her breath as she pushes her cart full of folders and crayons through Target. However, this mom is maybe the only parent out there not complaining about the price of those supplies — in fact, she's willing to spend whatever it takes on literally anything the teachers want this year as a thank you for getting her kids "out of her face." Rather, she's lamenting over those parents who do whine their way through school supplies shopping.

In a hilarious video posted to Facebook, the mom — who blogs at One Funny Mother — walks through Target as she talks to the camera and loads her cart with things like microwaves, rugs, pillows, and that yellow binder her daughter's history teacher asked for. She says:

I've been noticing lately that when people are doing their back-to-school shopping, everybody's complaining. And my thing is, listen, it is the end of August — I will give you anything to take my kids. I'll get you a yellow binder, I'll get you a red binder, I will tie-dye some sh*t. If you take these kids out of my house, I'll get you whatever you want. . . . You can put whatever you want on that list. All you people say, 'I'm not going to pick up any Kleenex for the class.' You can't give that teacher a Kleenex? These teachers have been making plans to teach your kids and you're all complaining about some pencils? Are you kidding me? Do you know how much I would pay them just to get my kids out of my face?

Dena continues, constantly reiterating the point that she would buy literally anything her kids' teachers asked for — Tide, super glue, a welcome mat — because she's so grateful to them for educating her children. The mom gets so riled up at one point that she puts her camera down to take a swig of alcohol before delivering the rest of her "public service announcement" to other parents: "It is August. You need to send your thank-you note now to your teacher. You need to send it now . . . because they're going to be putting up with your kids. So stop your complaining, go out and get your stupid supplies, and you need to hug a teacher on the first day of school."

TL;DR: "Buy the f*cking pencils."