1 Mom's List of Reasons She Doesn't Post Photos of Her Kid Online Is Sparking an Important Discussion

In a now-viral thread, Reddit user bigbadmamabear sparked an important discussion about whether or not it's OK to share photos of your kids on social media. She explained that for the most part, she's just simply not comfortable with putting photos of her baby out there for the world to see — and that's 100 percent her choice.

But unfortunately, both her own mom and her mother-in-law didn't exactly agree with her stance, and the situation intensified after her mother-in-law posted a photo of her baby without permission.

"Our family, while mostly respecting our wishes to keep our baby off social media, thinks we're being overprotective and crazy," she wrote. "My MIL posted a picture of our daughter recently, and we asked her to take it down. My mom has even gone so far as to say that my daughter will think we don't love her because we didn't post about her on social media when she was younger [insert dramatic eye roll here]."

But rather than just using Reddit as a platform to complain, the conflicted mama gave some background about her decision to keep her baby's photos off social media — and frankly, she makes some great points.

"1. Her privacy and safety are of the utmost importance. I don't know what my family members' privacy settings are or who they are friends with on social media.
2. She should have the right to choose what is posted about her when she is old enough to decide whether she wants to have an online presence or not.
3. We don't want her to feel embarrassed or be ridiculed for something that was posted about her online, as what is posted on the internet is there forever.
4. We don't want her to be subjected to judgment from our followers or whomever else can view her pictures."

The mom then proceeded to open up the question to all the other parents out there, and tons of moms and dads didn't shy away from putting their two cents in. Scroll through to see other parents' reasoning behind their choices.