1 Mom Put a "Halloween" Spin on Elf on the Shelf, and Kiss Sleep Goodbye

Natasha Hudarovich, a mom with a wicked sense of humor, decided to shake things up this Halloween. In a now-viral Facebook post, she explained how she swapped out her kids' traditional Elf on the Shelf experience with a much more sinister, Halloween-themed idea called "Doll in the Hall," and we're not sure whether we should laugh or cry.

"Instead of an Elf on the Shelf in December, I'm doing a Doll in the Hall in October," wrote Natasha. "Basically, you take a creepy Annabel porcelain doll that your kids already believe is haunted and keep secretly moving it around the house. For an extra festive touch I put the doll right in bed with one of the kids whenever they throw it in the trash. It's Day 3 and they want to move."

Although you definitely need to have certain types of kids to ensure they don't sleep in your bed until the ripe old age of 16 after going through this, Natasha's idea gets bonus points for creativity. As someone who was often pranked by her own parents as a kid, I certainly applaud her.