1 Mom Had the Best Response to a Woman Who Asked Her If She Knew Her Daughter Was "Dating a Black Boy"

Heather Boyer, a mom from Houston, MS, has a bone to pick with a "friend" who recently overstepped her boundaries when it comes to whom her daughter is dating. In a now-viral Facebook post, the mom explained how she received a rude question mere moments after her daughter, Kennedy, changed her profile picture on Facebook. The friend's message? She didn't know that Kennedy was in a relationship with a black person.

"The fact that my daughter has someone that loves her and treats her like a queen makes me happy."

"Today my daughter changed her profile picture," she wrote. "After maybe five minutes I get a text: 'I didn't know she was dating a black boy, did you?' It took me all day to think up a response, which I didn't send personally but thought I would share for anyone else that 'may not know.' Yes, in fact, I did know, but the color of his skin doesn't define who he is. What does define who he is is how he treats my daughter."

Kennedy and her boyfriend share similar values, including going to church every single Sunday. "I see my daughter dating a boy who takes her to church with him. Every Sunday," she explained. "He plays in the band, she sits with his family. How many young men these days make church a priority? None of the others have. He doesn't hit her, cuss her, lie to her, or make her cry. Would I rather her date a white boy that did, to keep from her dating another race? Absolutely not."

Heather has a little advice for people who think their racist remarks are welcome: they're absolutely not.

"I know people have their own opinion, but at the end of the day, the fact that my daughter has someone that loves her and treats her like a queen makes me happy," she wrote. "That's something I've never had in my life and I'm glad she does."