This Mom Shaved Her Son With Cancer's Head, and Yes, We're Definitely Tearing Up

After coming home from spending a day at the beach with her family on June 2, Nichole Brooks realized that something was wrong with her 2-and-a-half-year-old son, Wyatt. He had a severe rash, bloodshot eyes, and bruises all over his body. Sadly, a series of tests at the hospital confirmed that Wyatt had leukemia. In a Facebook post, Nichole said that she would rather shave her son's head himself than have him lose his hair to cancer.

"I didn't expect to have his haircut this soon but we made the decision that cancer would not take his hair away from him," she wrote. "Instead, we would take control and shave his head before that process took hold. We started to see hair on his pillow earlier this week and decided it was time."

Nichole knew that cutting her son's hair would be no easy feat. Wyatt, who has Down syndrome, has never particularly enjoyed getting his locks snipped, so his mom knew he'd need all the comfort he could get while a nurse got to work with a buzzer.

"He cried (which he always does with haircuts) and mama cried," said Nichole. "It is a very visible reminder that my baby boy is battling for his life. I was so afraid of how he would look without hair."

After a few kisses and some tears, Nichole showed Wyatt what he looked like — and his response was beyond perfect.

"The cut was quick and before I knew it he looked up at me with his beautiful brown, almond-shaped eyes and I just melted. When I showed him his new look he smiled ear to ear and signed 'beautiful.'"

Although Wyatt has endured countless tests and painful ulcers in his mouth from chemotherapy, his family is doing their best to "cheer him on." Visit Wyatt's GoFundMe page to help his family offset medical costs and scroll through to see how strong of a fighter he is.