This Pregnant Woman Spoofing "April the Giraffe" to Induce Labor Has Gone Insanely Viral

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Pregnant women will do some pretty hilarious things to help induce labor — some women dance to Justin Timberlake, while others channel their inner giraffe. Meet Erin Dietrich: she's 39 weeks pregnant and she's ready to do the damn thing. Her tactic to bring on the baby? Spoofing "April the giraffe."

Last week, millions of viewers had their eyes glued to device screens to watch April, the New York-based giraffe, prepare to give birth at the Animal Adventure Park. Now this South Carolina mom is doing the same.

She purchased a rubber giraffe head and went live on Facebook as she paced around her room doing jumping jacks and squats in an effort to move that baby. Her video has over 26 million views and she is officially our new hero.

Erin even wore a string of large pearls to honor April. The millions of viewers are completely captivated by each of Erin's movements, commenting their excitement in anticipation of that one dance move that may do the trick. Now the real question is, who will give birth first — April or Erin?


It looks like this mom's routine worked to kick-start labor. Erin welcomed a healthy baby boy on March 8, posting the epic photo above to announce the sweet news.