Awesome Mom of 3 Doesn't Care What You Think of Her Stretch Marks

"After three babies this is how my tummy looks," starts an Instagram post from a mom who goes by Revolutionary_Goddess. "Am I ashamed of it? Definitely not! Do I care what others think? Definitely not! Do I love my body? Absolutely! Would I ever consider an abdominoplasty? No way Jose!"

More and more mamas have been coming forward with body-image stories to help make working toward and achieving self-love, as well as acceptance of all different bodies — especially those that have grown and birthed human beings — possible. Revolutionary_Goddess's photo is exactly the type of thing the internet needs more of.

"I am beautiful on the inside and outside. If I don't love me and all of my flaws how can I expect someone else to love me? It starts within. Self love is always the best love!"