Mom's Hilarious List of "Signs You Have Triplets" Proves How Easy the Rest of Us Have It

Even the most experienced parents have virtually no idea what it's like having twins or triplets. You can have a gaggle of kids, but unless you have three running around who are the exact same age, it's impossible to truly relate.

Chrissy Roussel, mom to six kids, has spontaneous triplets, and she's quickly learned what sets raising them apart from other kids. In fact, Chrissy has learned 11 things that she then turned into a funny, eye-opening list that she posted to her blog on Facebook.

Titled, "The Top Signs You May Have Triplets," it's a must read if you have a set yourself or if, like most of us, you are just curious to know what it must be like. For the latter set, prepare to realize just how easy you have it and to be a tiny bit jealous you don't have triplets of your own:

  1. You know every movie and TV show ever made featuring triplets (hello, Brave, Shrek, etc.).
  2. You know what the word singleton means and you use it.
  3. You're used to looking like the local circus when you go anywhere. You're also used to all the inevitable stares and comments (no, we didn't do it three times, people). You always appreciate the kind ones.
  4. You can spot a triple stroller a mile away and will gladly shout out across the parking lot to that person, "hey, do you have triplets?!"
  5. You know every celebrity who has triplets. Looking at you, Pharrell Williams and Elon Musk.
  6. When you tell your kids someone is having a baby, they ask how many — 1, 2, or 3?
  7. You know every person with triplets within a 200-mile radius of your house.
  8. You think nothing of giving a biology lesson on people who challenge that idea that you can't have two identicals and a fraternal set of triplets. (Two eggs, one split, three babies, y'all.) Or that identical babies can have separate sacs and placentas (it's true, friend).
  9. You're constantly searching for three of the exact same or three coordinating colors.
  10. On any given day, you can only find three left shoes.
  11. You know you're so damn lucky. You hit the baby jackpot and it's pretty amazing.