This Mom's Struggle With Boys Getting Pee Everywhere (but in the Toilet) Is Every Woman

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This mom is so over boys in the house who can't seem to urinate inside of the toilet bowl. Whether she is stepping on pee when she goes to the bathroom in the middle of the night or is greeted by a bathroom that smells like a subway station thanks to the sticky drops of pee drying on the floor, she has had enough.

In a hysterical video for all women who have kids or are married to a man, Meredith Masony of That's Inappropriate makes the process very simple by explaining that the toilet seat goes up and you need to urinate inside of the bowl. Just to be clear, she said into the bowl. The area of floor surrounding the toilet is not inside the bowl; it's the outside. In case a loved one is struggling with the concept, Meredith can clearly explain to them where all pee (and not just most of it!) belongs.