This Hilarious Video Is Every Mom Trying to Clean — and Failing Miserably

Keeping the house spick and span is like a full-time job. From dirty dishes and stacked-up mail to crayon-covered walls and smelly laundry, there's always something to be cleaned. One mom just perfectly captured the true struggle of getting it all done in a hilarious video.

Carolanne Miljavac shared the above Facebook video, which goes through a day that was seemingly busy, yet at the end of it all, she honestly didn't get much accomplished.

The funny mama starts by saying she needs to clean the house, which spurs a domino effect of to-dos. Once she goes to do the dishes, she notices that the floors also need a good scrubbing. But before she starts mopping, she notices that she needs to take out the garbage. When she discovers that she doesn't have any trash bags, she has to add it to a grocery list.

The video goes on to follow her tireless journey around the house in which her tasks keep piling up along the way. At the end, her spouse walks in the door from work and asks what she did that day. "What did I do all day?" Carolanne asks in the video. "Look around, I've been doing everything! You don't even know."

Busy moms everywhere can definitely relate to Carolanne's hysterical video. Rest assured that you're not alone on this journey to getting sh*t done.