If You're on Snapchat, You Have to Follow These 5 Moms (If You're Not, What Are You Waiting For?)

There's more to a mom's day than meets the eye, which is especially true for some of our favorite blogger mommies who run beautiful Instagram accounts filled with snaps of seemingly perfect family life. Most of us know that their lives, like all of ours, are far from perfect, but Instagram does have the tendency to give you some serious #goals.

However, with the rise of Snapchat — which calls for unedited photos and videos that are semiprivate and disappear after a few seconds — it's been much easier to get a glimpse into a person's unfiltered, everyday life. The app has proven that even those moms who so expertly take creamy, white-lit square photos — of their children actually smiling — really are just like us behind the filter (and honestly, we love them even more now because of it).

Read through for the five moms you need to be following on Snapchat — and if you haven't downloaded the app yet, they should give you reason to!


Sarah Fortune

Snapchat username: sarah-fortune

Why you should follow her: Besides the fact that she's hilarious? Almost every snap she posts features her adorable and spunky 4-year-old daughter, Iris — who's obsessed with CVS, of all things — but we also love Sarah's solo snaps of her with a glass of wine, or cooking dinner, or complaining about her kitchen remodeling taking forever. Her never-ending commentary on a plethora of subjects makes us want to pull up a chair and share a glass of wine with her every day.


Shayna Dodge

Snapchat username: ruffledsnobxx

Why you should follow her: Besides the fact that she and her three boys — Rowan, Brinley, and Wrennyn — give us serious style goals all day, every day, we love that life is never a dull moment for this mama. She never tries to boast perfection and is happy to share snippets of her life that are far from perfect. Our favorite moments? When Brinley hacks her account and posts videos from his perspective (with the sweetest little kid voice and from much closer to the ground).


Dani Hampton

Snapchat username: danihamp

Why you should follow her: Not only does she have the two most adorable little boys — Henry and Charlie — who appear in her snaps often, but she also inspires us to keep up with a healthy lifestyle. From posting 20 videos in a row to show her viewers what she got at the grocery store to a sweaty photo of her at the gym, this supermom helps remind us that even though we love our littles, it's important to have some healthy mama time.


Naomi Davis

Snapchat username: love.taza

Why you should follow her: Her Instagram is a flawless picture of urban motherhood, but her Snapchat is a quaint look into what life unstyled and unfiltered looks like for her precious family of five — which includes watching her littlest expertly climb up a bunk bed ladder over and over again.


Rachel Kincaid

Snapchat username: rachkincaid

Why you should follow her: This hysterical mama — who has the silliest squad we've ever seen — keeps it real on her account. From endless selfies to her low-key daily struggles — like when a train blocks the road and stays parked for . . . a while — she's a relatable breath of fresh, carefree air.