This Rare Set of Identical Twins Was Born Holding Hands

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The odds of giving birth to twins is one in 30, but the odds of giving birth to twins who hold hands during the delivery is once in a life time. When Sarah Thistlethwaite gave birth to twin daughters last week, the girls entered the world hand in hand.

"They're already best friends," Thistlethwaite says of her newborns, Jillian and Jenna. "I can't believe they were holding hands. That's amazing."

The special entrance, however, wasn't the only unique aspect of their birth. The twins experienced a monoamniotic birth, meaning they shared the same amniotic sac and placenta during their time in the womb. According to doctors, this occurs in one of every 10,000 pregnancies. Because the babies were at a higher risk of umbilical cord entanglement, Sarah went on hospital bed rest beginning March 14. After two months of knitting, reading, and TV binge-watching, she gave birth last Friday when the twins were at their 33-week mark.

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