Monopoly's Voice-Controlled Banker Tracks Your Money, and It's a Literal Game Changer

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Monopoly enthusiasts, the game we all know and love just got a serious upgrade. Hasbro has introduced a Monopoly Voice-Controlled Electronic Banking board, and it keeps track of all the game's finances for you. Just passed "Go" and collected $200? Owe $50 on St. Charles Place? Want to buy a $90 house for Indiana Avenue? The automated banker keeps track of all the expenses using voice recognition and responding to commands like "Pay rent on Marvin Gardens" and "Buy hotel for Pacific Avenue." Talk about a modern update!

So, how exactly does it work? Two to four players can participate in a game at once, and each player is designated an account for which Mr. Monopoly, an AI device shaped like Rich Uncle Pennybags's top hat, keeps track of all gains and expenses to keep the game play moving quickly and to eliminate any miscalculations.

Considering I've been my family's designated Monopoly banker since the ripe old age of 12, this definitely changes the game completely. The AI banker gives every player the chance to focus on taking control of the board, instead of being distracted by trying to figure out who still owes a utility fee or having to remember how much houses cost for each property.

The main difference between this board and the original is the board doesn't come with the colorful Monopoly cash I used to value almost more highly than real money as a child. Still, having a voice-controlled banker adds an extra element to the game and saves a lot of time, which means there's more time to play another round, right? Check out the new game ahead.