This Newborn Photo Shoot Completely Defies the Laws of Physics

Newborn photo shoots are getting more and more creative, and this one by Ania Waluda and Michal Zawer — photographers, bloggers, and parents — is definitely unlike any you've ever seen before. The couple told POPSUGAR Moms that they were inspired by older photographers whose photographs had to be creative, seeing as they didn't have the editing capabilities available to photographers today. They then conceptualized this photo shoot with their newborn daughter, Emilia, as a result.

Because her safety and comfort was crucial, Emilia was placed on a mattress on the floor after Ania and Michal prepared the scene. Once Emilia was comfortable, they positioned the camera to take the snaps. They said, "The camera was fixed above, the wall served as a floor, and all work and acting was on the father's side."

Take a look at these adorable photos that defy the laws of physics ahead — Michal and Emilia will truly have you doing a double take!